Dezhou pouler chemical co., LTD.   is a company dedicated to chemical processing, rubber materials, rubber powder, rubber additives, rubber viscosity resin,C5 petroleum resin, C9 petroleum resin, hot melt adhesive viscosity resin, tackifier tires and coumarone resin, and other fields, set research and development, production,Sales, service as one of the chemical enterprise; Adhere to the peopleoriented, based on the scientific and technological research application, to serve the rubber industry

Customers, customer demand as the guide, constantly committed to the promotion    and   to the society to provide quality products and perfect service;   Dezhou pouler   chemical co., LTD. The main products are: rubber materials, rubber powder, rubber additives, rubber tackifier, coumarone resin,C5 petroleum resin,

C9 petroleum resin, light petroleum resin, petroleum resin for hot melt adhesive, a special road reticule coating resin,

Ink painting special resin etc series products.

Team's orchestra tenet: follow the environmental protection, safety, clean and efficient as the foundation, take the quality as the life, to serve for the soul, by the good faith for the nature:

Sincerely with customers at home and abroad to create brilliant in the related fields.

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随 着人们对生活环境舒适性要求的提高以 及军工产业的需 求,阻 尼 材料 的研发受到很多研究人员 的关注。 制备高


石油树脂具有 良好 的相容性、增黏性 和热稳定
性等优点 J,在众多领域应用广泛